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September News

cheynne murphy

Location of the writing of Celtic Heart - Abbey Glenn Castle

Location of the writing of Celtic Heart - Abbey Glenn Castle

Been busy as a mad hatter, managing three jobs , a gaggle of kids, bills etc., You know the usual. But I have to say inspired as hell. Collecting the new album Celtic Heart today from the printers. Only did a really short run, minimalistic artwork but very environmentally friendly and sounding I believe authentic and heartfelt. I had some lovely feedback from a musician who plays at this old castle Abbey Glenn where Celtic Heart was written and performed for the first time in a couple of memorable late night sessions with a motley Irish can checkout the scene here ( )..same guys there as when I was there but that's Ireland. Music is the source. It's entwined with their spirit and mine too. Yours as well.  


A couple of big things happening on the live front. First is a tour to Bellingen starting Oct 14 at an incredibly intimate and amazing sounding live performance space in Sawtell, Coffs Harbour called 63 First Avenue, then to Bellingen Markets, Federal Hotel Bellingen and home via Harbourside Markets. Here is a quick peak of a new ad they are running with one of my songs:


Also heading to China in October. My co-producer of the first Firesongs For The Soul EP recommended me to this University in 20 million strong Chongqing and I got the gig. The boys for the Bello tour were originally going but after some cancellations I rang up my very first band from 1992. They all thought about it but again two declined but my incredible guitarist /violinist Jay Kong said yes. A sequence of synchronistic events then led to Dave Atkins (Resin Dogs, Wolf Mother) agreeing to play drums, Ben Brennan (whom I haven't yet met but have passport photo :-) on bass (Seven) and Paul Pilsneniks keys and backing vox. So we are reinterpreting some songs from A Horse Called Freedom and also presenting a bunch of new songs in this kinda epic rock band thing!


Finally people, as I know you are all busy and may not get this far. This is the second track off Celtic Heart. It's called Through The Hills of Insihmor (also known as Inis Mor in Irish). Inishmore is an Aran Island off the coast of Galway and I cycled around this small rocky island smashed by the atlantic sea and winds, listened to the tourist speel in the old castle ruins, spoke to some gaelic/Irish fellows in the pub and constructed my own version of the spirit of the place here:

(with some help from Matt Connely Irish Pipes, Chris Aronston on Mandolin, violins)


Thanks for your support.


Adious. Be good. 



p.s Last time I asked people to send in songs inspiring them. Please do so again. This one had great spirit for me me: