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Headlights & Goodbyes EP Behind the Scenes -videos


These 4 videos were made behind the scenes over three weekends in and around Byron Bay. Much gratitude to Ondy from refractive media who produced these, Owen Hart who helped on day , Matt Bone who played bass on Part 1. Part 1 - introduces the project (Back At the Start, Burnished Gold, So We can See, In the End) and focuses on the infamous narrative of me and Toby (guitarist), Part 2 - introduces our now resident bass player Maurice Cernigoi and the song Firebird, Part 3 Looks at the use of the hybrid recording studio and production processes (Until Its Gone, Must Keep Moving) and Part 4 explores the album title track: A Horse Called Freedom. Enjoy!

"MAKING OF" CELTIC HEART : Vlogs and Video's

These videos were hand-made behind the scenes insights into the making of the Celtic Heart EP as well as couple of home-made video's for the Tracks Celtic Heart and also Through The Hills of Inishmore (Inis Mor). 


Various live performances from the different albums:


 'Behind The scenes' of the Firesongs For the Soul EP

BACK AT THE START (original lounge room version)

These  video's shows a song in progress. The raw demo version. This is the original version as it was written of Back to the Start. Bit ruff but has some raw energy.

Some Live ruff cuts

Some footage taken by friends. 

Licensing Sync's

Various pairings of my music for different uses

An independent musician's journey: "You Are What You Share"

I was asked to be in this documentary by some passionate supporters of independent music. This video charts my views and some other great local acts on what it takes to be an indie musician.